Monday – Flowers From Seeds /Cuttings

Monday 3rd May #TweetersFlowerShow presents – Flowers from Seeds / cuttings  

In a busy and fun packed day we will be relishing the joys of growing or propagating new plants

Your Host

Hosting today’s event will be Audrey Rose (@MrsARose1) who many of you will also know as the founder and host of the popular #FlowersOnFriday twitter hashtag administers via the Twitter account (@FlowersOnFriday).

Joining us today will be the following Twitter garden celebrities who will be offering their tips and advice

ImageAllotmenteer and gardener Nikki (@NikkiGardener2) has shared a blog post on growing plants from seeds
ImageBlogger and gardener Graeme Edwards (@GraemeEdwards1) has also be contributed tips on growing from seed.
ImageWildflower specialists Meadow in My Garden (@MeadowInMyGarden) will be posting tips on how to plant a wildflower meadow
ImageGarden maintenance expert Louise (@PlantsBulbsSeed) will be offering advice throughout the day
ImageMeanwhile seed specialist Sædian (@ShopSaedian) will be available to answer your seed based questions. Simply @ them in your tweets

Post your pictures and get the chance to win a prize

Please post pictures of your flowers grown from seeds or cuttings to the #TweetersFlowerShow hashtag.

We will be awarding prizes for the best advice and seed growing tips.

Today’s Judge

Judging today’s competition is You Tuber and Twitter celebrity Horti Hugh (@Hugh_Cassidy)


Today’s Prizes are

  • Bronze – A pack of seeds of your choice from seed specialists Sædian
Foxglove  Digitalis purpurea Saedian Blend. Shades of Pink image 0
  • Gold – A heated propagator 

All prizes will be accompanied by a #TweetersFlowerShow certificate:

Disclaimer: Prizes are only available to participants with UK residential addresses

However we will be awarding an International Certificate prize for any non UK residents who wish to participate – just add your countries flag to your tweet so we can spot you easily.

Terms and Conditions apply