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This year I had The Chelsea Flower Show booked and was counting the days………sadly and quite rightly so, due to Covid it was postponed until September. As I was contemplating a Spring without a flower show I had a thought, I’m sure there are a lot of people as sad as me, what if we had a virtual flower show on Twitter? I knew exactly the team that could help…………

A Flower Show from the comfort of your own home that can be enjoyed by anyone, anytime, anywhere

The Tweeters Flower Show emerged from a seed in the minds of a group of gardeners then it grew and blossomed for you all to enjoy.

To inspire people to step into the wonderful world of gardening and experience the joy and beauty of getting your hands dirty whilst creating something rather wonderful throughout the seasons.

Run by 5 Twitter friends

Our aim is to show you that “Every Flower Delights” and to help you achieve a garden full of delightful flowers and make some new gardening friends.

Our Virtual Spring #TweetersFlowerShow will be from Monday 3rd May – Sunday 9th May

We would love you to share your tips, advice, blogs and photos and enter our competitions throughout the week, all using the #TweetersFlowerShow hashtag.

Competitions entries will close at 8pm every night with winners being announced between 8-9pm. There will be a Gold, Silver and Bronze winner each night with everyone receiving certificates, the prizes will be for UK based participants only but there will be a best international winner who will receive a certificate wherever you are in the World, if you are outside the Uk could you add your emoji flag to your post as it will help with judging, it will be lovely to see where you all are in the world.

Our calendar of events

Monday – Flowers from Seeds / cuttings

The competition is….Best advice / tips judged by @Hugh_Cassidy

Tuesday – Flowers from Bulbs / Tubers

The competition is….Best Tulip Photo judged by @KeithB2711

Wednesday – Flowers from bare root / Rose Day joining #RoseWednesday

The competition is…Best Rose Photo judged by @JrRushden

Thursday – Fruit / Vegetables / Pottindsheds and Greenhouses

The competition is Best PottingShed or Greenhouse interior judged by @lovely_plot

Friday – Flower Displays in the garden, the border, troughs, baskets etc. and in vases indoors

We will be joining #FlowersOnFriday

The competition is Best Garden Flower Display judged by @JonNormanDesign

Saturday – Up cycling / garden project

The competition is…Best up cycling project judged by @Susiekeane41

Sunday – Garden Transformation Day and Garden Party joining #GardenDayUk

The competition is…Best Garden Transformation judged by Mr & @MrsARose1 yes me and my husband, we are soooooooooo excited.

We would like to thank everyone that has contributed wonderful prizes

I would like to thank, Alison, Beck, Jason and Jonathan for all their creativity, hard work, time and support for making #TweetersFlowerShow a reality, it couldn’t have happened without you all. I would also like to thank @KeithB2711 for supporting us.
Thank you it’s been a pleasure working with you all.

Thank you to our guest judges @Hugh_Cassidy, @Susiekeane41, @lovely_plot and @KeithB2711 we really appreciate you taking the time to judge and being part of the team.

Return back here for more information and gardening blogs. We will be posting the themes daily to keep you updated.

Please get involved and tweet, share and chat each day and join us in making “Every Flower Delight” using #TweetersFlowerShow

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